Multi-Channel Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy

Through the use of novel imaging approaches that integrate cutting edge advances in both hardware and software, we have developed a new set of research tools for the high throughput compositional analysis of heterogenous biological and synthetic materials.

Harvard’s Wide-Field Electron Optics Laboratory specializes in the development of new Scanning Electron Microscopy imaging techniques for the high-throughput structural and compositional analysis of hierarchically ordered biological materials and synthetic constructs.  Tech.html


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Trabecular bone growth into polymeric scaffolds
Field diameters: 5 mm G-BioMed.html
High-throughput characterization of bone growth into porous titanium (upper) and polymeric (lower) medical implants
Upper map color code:  Ca  Ti
Lower map color code:  C   CaG-BioMed.html
Beyond the analysis of architectural materials, these techniques have the potential to profoundly influence how large biomedical data sets investigating bone healing and growth are analyzed.G-BioMed.html

2000 year old Roman wall painting

Image width: 5 mm

Map color code:  Ca  Hg/S  Si  Al

Modern concrete sample

Image width: 5 mm

Map color code:  Al  Si  Ca  Fe

BSE Image