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Dr. James C. Weaver


3D Printing 







Carbon–cement supercapacitors as a scalable bulk energy storage solution
N Chanut, D Stefaniuk, JC Weaver, Y Zhu, Y Shao-Horn, A Masic, FJ Ulm
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 
120 (32), e2304318120 2023

A mid-Cambrian tunicate and the deep origin of the ascidiacean body plan
K Nanglu, R Lerosey-Aubril, JC Weaver, J Ortega-Hernández
Nature Communications 
14 (1), 3832 2023

High-throughput segmentation, data visualization, and analysis of sea star skeletal networks
L Tomholt, D Baum, RJ Wood, JC Weaver
Journal of Structural Biology 
215 (2), 107955 2023

The Inner Complexities of Multimodal Medical Data: Bitmap-Based 3D Printing for Surgical Planning Using Dynamic Physiology
NM Jacobson, J Brusilovsky, R Ducey, NV Stence, AJ Barker, MB Mitchell, L Smith, R  MacCurdy, JC Weaver
3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing

3D knitting for pneumatic soft robotics
V Sanchez, K Mahadevan, G Ohlson, MA Graule, MC Yuen, CB Teeple, JC Weaver, J McCann, K Bertoldi, RJ Wood
Advanced Functional Materials
2212541 2023

Design of medical tympanostomy conduits with selective fluid transport properties
H Patel, I Pavlichenko, A Grinthal, CT Zhang, J Alvarenga, MJ Kreder, JC Weaver, Q Ji, CWF Ling, J Choy, Z Li, NL Black, PJM Bispo, JA Lewis, ED Kozin, J Aizenberg, AK Remenschneider
Science Translational Medicine 
15 (690), eadd9779 2023
The Ultra fit community mask—Toward maximal respiratory protection via personalized face fit
C Hyun, MM Jensen, K Yang, JC Weaver, X Wang, Y Kudo, SJ Gordon, AE Samir, JM Karp
Plos One 
18 (3), e0281050 2023

Cementing CO2 into C-S-H: A step toward concrete carbon neutrality
D Stefaniuk, M Hajduczek, JC Weaver, FJ Ulm, A Masic
PNAS Nexus 
2 (3), pgad052 2023

Soft robotic patient-specific hydrodynamic model of aortic stenosis and ventricular remodeling
L Rosalia, C Ozturk, D Goswami, J Bonnemain, SX Wang, B Bonner, JC Weaver, R Puri, S Kapadia, CT Nguyen, ET Roche
Science Robotics 
8 (75), eade2184 2023
Hot mixing: Mechanistic insights into the durability of ancient Roman concrete
LM Seymour, J Maragh, P Sabatini, M Di Tommaso, JC Weaver, A Masic
Science Advances
9 (1), eadd1602 2023

Active entanglement enables stochastic, topological grasping
K Becker, C Teeple, N Charles, Y Jung, D Baum, JC Weaver, L Mahadevan, RJ Wood
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
119 (42), e2209819119 2022

Inverse Design of Mechanical Metamaterials with Target Nonlinear Response via a Neural Accelerated Evolution Strategy
B Deng, A Zareei, X Ding, JC Weaver, CH Rycroft, K Bertoldi
Advanced Materials 
34 (41), 2206238 2022

An ambidextrous starfish-inspired exploration and reconnaissance robot (the ASTER-bot)
MA Bell, JC Weaver, RJ Wood
Soft Robotics 
9 (5), 991-1000 2022

Reactive ceramic aggregates in mortars from ancient water infrastructure serving Rome and Pompeii
LM Seymour, D Keenan-Jones, GL Zanzi, JC Weaver, A Masic
Cell Reports Physical Science 
3 (9), 101024 2022

Computational methods for the characterization of Apis mellifera comb architecture
C Bader, J Costa, N Lee, R Smith, R Ri, JC Weaver, N Oxman
Communications Biology 
5 (1), 1-13 2022

Ecological and phenotypic diversification after a continental invasion in neotropical freshwater stingrays
MA Kolmann, FPL Marques, JC Weaver, MN Dean, JP Fontenelle, NR Lovejoy
Integrative and Comparative Biology

A damage-tolerant, dual-scale, single-crystalline microlattice in the knobby starfish, Protoreaster nodosus
H Chen, Z Jia, Z Deng, L Chen, EM Peterman, JC Weaver, L Li 
375 (658), 647-652 2022
Surface texture modulation via buckling in porous inclined mechanical metamaterials
MC Fernandes, S Mhatre, AE Forte, B Zhao, O Mesa, JC Weaver, M Bechthold, K Bertoldi
Extreme Mechanics Letters 
51 (101549) 2022

Neuroanatomy in a middle Cambrian mollisoniid and the ancestral nervous system organization of chelicerates
J Ortega-Hernández, R Lerosey-Aubril, SR Losso, JC Weaver
Nature Communications 
13 (1), 1-11 2022

Scaffold vaccines for generating robust and tunable antibody responses
AJ Najibi, MO Dellacherie, TY Shih, EJ Doherty, DA White, T Bauleth‐Ramos, AG Stafford, JC Weaver, CD Yeager, BT Seiler, M Pezone, AW Li, B Sarmento, HA Santos, DJ Mooney, L Gu
Advanced Functional Materials, 
2110905, 2022

An Ambidextrous STarfish-Inspired Exploration and Reconnaissance Robot (The ASTER-bot)
MA Bell, JC Weaver, RJ Wood
Soft Robotics 

Frameless neuronavigation with computer vision and real-time tracking for bedside external ventricular drain placement: a cadaveric study
FC Robertson, MS Raahil, JM Amich, WI Essayed, A Lal, BH Lee, P Calvachi Prieto, J  Tokuda, J C Weaver, R W Kirollos, MW Chen, WB Gormley
Journal of Neurosurgery 
1, 1-10 2021

Mechanical and hydrodynamic analyses of helical strake-like ridges in a glass sponge
MC Fernandes, M Saadat, P Cauchy-Dubois, C Inamura, T Sirota, G Milliron, H Haj-Hariri, K Bertoldi, JC Weaver
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 
18 (182), 20210559 2021

Touching the stars: Using high-resolution 3D printing to visualize stellar nurseries
N Imara, JC Forbes, JC Weaver
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 
918 (1), L3 2021

A fabrication strategy for reconfigurable millimeter‐scale metamaterials
HD McClintock, N Doshi, A Iniguez‐Rabago, JC Weaver, NT Jafferis, K Jayaram, RJ Wood, JTB Overvelde
Advanced Functional Materials
2103428 2021

Microstructural design for mechanical–optical multifunctionality in the exoskeleton of the flower beetle Torynorrhina flammea
Z Jia, MC Fernandes, Z Deng, T Yang, Q Zhang, A Lethbridge, J Yin, Jae-Hwang Lee, Lin Han, JC Weaver, K Bertoldi, J Aizenberg, M Kolle, P Vukusic, L Li
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 
118 (25) 2021
Mechanically robust lattices inspired by deep-sea glass sponges
MC Fernandes, J Aizenberg, JC Weaver, K Bertoldi
Nature Materials 
20 (2): 237-241 2021

Shape-preserving erosion controlled by the graded microarchitecture of shark tooth enameloid
S Amini, H Razi, R Seidel, D Werner, WT White, JC Weaver, MN Dean, P Fratzl
Nature Communications 
11 (1) 2020

Ultra-sensitive and resilient compliant strain gauges for soft machines
OA Araromi, MA Graule, KL Dorsey, S Castellanos, JR Foster, W-H Hsu, AE Passy, JJ Vlassak, JC Weaver, CJ Walsh, RJ Wood 
587: 219–224 2020

Strategies for simultaneous strengthening and toughening via nanoscopic intracrystalline defects in a biogenic ceramic
Z Deng, H Chen, T Yang, Z Jia, JC Weaver, PD Shevchenko, F De Carlo, R Mirzaeifar, L Li 
Nature Communications 
11: 5678 2020

Tunable infrared transmission for energy-efficient pneumatic building façades
L Tomholt, O Geletina, J Alvarenga, AV Shneidman, JC Weaver, MC Fernandes, SA Mota, M Bechthold, J Aizenberg
Energy and Buildings
110377 2020

Smart thermally actuating textiles 
V Sanchez, CJ Payne, DJ Preston, JT Alvarez, JC Weaver, AT Atalay, M Boyvat, DM Vogt, RJ Wood, GM Whitesides, CJ Walsh
Advanced Materials Technologies 
5 (8), 2070050 2020

Crystal misorientation correlates with hardness in tooth enamels
CA Stifler, J Jakes, JD North, D Green, JC Weaver, PUPA Gilbert
Acta Biomaterialia

Crystal nucleation and growth of spherulites demonstrated by coral skeletons and phase-field simulations
CY Sun, L Gránásy, CA Stifler, T Zaquin, RV Chopdekar, N Tamura, JC Weaver, JAY Zhang, S Goffredo, G Falini, MA Marcus, T Pusztai, VSchoeppler, T Mass, PUPA Gilbert
Acta Biomaterialia

Dynamic self-repairing hybrid liquid-in-solid protective barrier for cementitious materials
GK Paink, S Kolle, D Le, JC Weaver, J Alvarenga, O Ahanotu, J Aizenberg, P Kim
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 
12 (28), 31922-31932 2020

Multi-scale modeling and mechanical performance characterization of stingray skeleton-inspired tessellations
AK Jayasankar, R Seidel, A Hosny, JC Weaver, P Fratzl, J Chen, MN Dean
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 
138, 103906 2020

Evidence of cosmic impact at Abu Hureyra, Syria at the Younger Dryas Onset (~ 12.8 ka): High-temperature melting at > 2200 C
AMT Moore, JP Kennett, WM Napier, TE Bunch, JC Weaver, M LeCompte, AV Adedeji, P Hackley, G Kletetschka, RE Hermes, JH Wittke, JJ Razink, MW Gaultois, A West
Scientific Reports 
10 (1), 1-22 2020

Octopus arm-inspired tapered soft actuators with suckers for improved grasping
Z Xie, AG Domel, N An, C Green, Z Gong, T Wang, EM Knubben, JC Weaver, K Bertoldi, L Wen
Soft Robotics 
1 2020

The structural origins of brittle star arm kinematics: An integrated tomographic, additive manufacturing, and parametric modeling-based approach
L Tomholt, LJ Friesen, D Berdichevsky, MC Fernandes, C Pierre, RJ Wood, JC Weaver
Journal of Structural Biology, 
107481 2020

A geometrically adaptable heart valve replacement
SC Hofferberth, MY Saeed, L Tomholt, MC Fernandes, CJ Payne, K Price, GR Marx, JJ Esch, DW Brown, J Brown, PE Hammer, RW Bianco, JC Weaver, ER Edelman, JP del Nido
Science Translational Medicine 
12 (531) 2020

Hybrid living materials: Digital design and fabrication of 3D multimaterial structures with programmable biohybrid surfaces
RSH Smith, C Bader, S Sharma, D Kolb, TC Tang, A Hosny, F Moser, JC Weaver, CA Voigt, N Oxman
Advanced Functional Materials
1907401 2019

Bioinspired design of flexible armor based on chiton scales
M Connors, T Yang, A Hosny, Z Deng, F Yazdandoost, H Massaadi, D Eernisse, R Mirzaeifar, MN Dean, 
JC Weaver, C Ortiz, L Li
Nature Communications 
10 (1), 1-13 2019

Human colon-on-a-chip enables continuous in vitro analysis of colon mucus layer accumulation and physiology
A Sontheimer-Phelps, DB Chou, A Tovaglieri, TC Ferrante, T Duckworth, C Fadel, V Frismantas, AD Sutherland, S Jalili-Firoozinezhad, M Kasendra, E Stas, JC Weaver, CA Richmond, O Levy, R Prantil-Baun, DT Breault, DE Ingber
Cellular and Molecular Gastroenterology and Hepatology 
1 2019

Bright green biofluorescence in sharks derives from bromo-kynurenine metabolism
HB Park, YC Lam, JP Gaffney, JC Weaver, SR Krivoshik, R Hamchand, V Pieribone, DF Gruber, JM Crawford
19, 1291-1336 2019

The Temple Scroll: Reconstructing an ancient manufacturing practice
R Schuetz, JM Maragh, JC Weaver, I Rabin, A Masic
Science Advances 
5 (9), eaaw7494 2019

High-throughput segmentation of tiled biological structures using random-walk distance transforms
D Baum, JC Weaver, I Zlotnikov, D Knötel, L Tomholt, MN Dean
Integrative and Comparative Biology 
59 (6), 1700-1712 2019

Heads or tails? Cranio-caudal mass distribution for robust locomotion with biorobotic appendages composed of 3D-printed soft materials
JC Weaver, A Jusufi
Conference on Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems
240-253 2019

Design, fabrication, and characterization of an untethered amphibious sea urchin-inspired robot
T Paschal, MA Bell, J Sperry, S Sieniewicz, RJ Wood, JC Weaver
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 
4 (4), 3348-3354 2019

Mechanical properties of stingray tesserae: High-resolution correlative analysis of mineral density and indentation moduli in tessellated cartilage
R Seidel, A Roschger, L Li, JJ Bizzarro, Q Zhang, J Yin, T Yang, JC Weaver, P Fratzl, P Roschger, MN Dean
Acta Biomaterialia		

Ontogenetic scaling patterns of lizard skin surface structure as revealed by gel‐based stereo‐profilometry
S Baeckens, DK Wainwright, JC Weaver, DJ Irschick, JB Losos
Journal of Anatomy 
1 2019

An injectable bone marrow–like scaffold enhances T cell immunity after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
NJ Shah, AS Mao, TY Shih, MD Kerr, A Sharda, TM Raimondo, JC Weaver, VD Vrbanac, M Deruaz, AM Tager, DJ Mooney, DT Scadden
Nature Biotechnology 
37 (3), 293 2019

Large-scale micron-order 3D surface correlative chemical imaging of ancient Roman concrete
JM Maragh, JC Weaver, A Masic
PloS One 
14 (2), e0210710 2019

Pre-procedural fit-testing of TAVR valves using parametric modeling and 3D printing
A Hosny, JD Dilley, T Kelil, M Mathur, MN Dean, JC Weaver, B Ripley
Journal of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography 
13 (1), 21-30 2019

Shark skin: three-dimensional structure and hydrodynamic function
G Lauder, D Wainwright, M Saadat, A Domel, JC Weaver, M Ankhelyi, M Popp, L Wen, K Bertoldi
Bulletin of the American Physical Society
63 2018

Morphogenesis of aligned collagen fibers in the annulus fibrosus: Mammals versus avians
S Ghazanfari, A Werner, S Ghazanfari, JC Weaver, TH Smit
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 
503 (2), 1168-1173 2018

Hydrodynamic properties of biomimetic shark skin: effect of denticle size and swimming speed
AG Domel, G Domel, JC Weaver, M Saadat, K Bertoldi, GV Lauder
Bioinspiration & Biomimetics 
13 (5), 056014 2018

From improved diagnostics to presurgical planning: high-resolution functionally graded multimaterial 3D printing of biomedical tomographic data sets
A Hosny, SJ Keating, JD Dilley, B Ripley, T Kelil, S Pieper, D Kolb, C Bader, A-M Pobloth, M Griffin, R Nezafat, G Duda, EA Chiocca, JR Stone, JS Michaelson, MN Dean, N Oxman, JC Weaver
3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing 
5 (2), 103-113 2018

Making data matter: Voxel printing for the digital fabrication of data across scales and domains
C Bader, D Kolb, JC Weaver, S Sharma, A Hosny, J Costa, N Oxman
Science Advances 
4 (5), eaas8652 2018

Modeling radiation injury-induced cell death and countermeasure drug responses in a human Gut-on-a-Chip
S Jalili-Firoozinezhad, R Prantil-Baun, A Jiang, R Potla, T Mammoto, JC Weaver, TC Ferrante, HJ Kim, JMS Cabral, O Levy, DE Ingber
Cell Death & Disease 
9 (2), 223 2018

3D printing and intraoperative neuronavigation tailoring for skull base reconstruction after extended endoscopic endonasal surgery: proof of concept
WI Essayed, P Unadkat, A Hosny, S Frisken, MS Rassi, S Mukundan Jr, JC Weaver, O Al-Mefty, AJ Golby, IF Dunn
Journal of Neurosurgery
1-8 2018

Structural origins of coloration in the spider Phoroncidia rubroargentea Berland, 1913 (Araneae: Theridiidae) from Madagascar
S Kariko, JVI Timonen, JC Weaver, D Gur, C Marks, L Leiserowitz, M Kolle,L Li
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 
15 (139), 20170930 2018

Shark skin-inspired designs that improve aerodynamic performance
AG Domel, M Saadat, JC Weaver, H Haj-Hariri, K Bertoldi, GV Lauder
Journal of the Royal Society Interface
15 (139), 20170828 2018

Mechanobiologically optimized 3D titanium-mesh scaffolds enhance bone regeneration in critical segmental defects in sheep
AM Pobloth, S Checa, H Razi, A Petersen, JC Weaver, K Schmidt-Bleek, M Windolf, AÁ Tatai, CP Roth, K-D Schaser, GN Duda, P Schwabe
Science translational medicine 
10 (423) 2018

Determining the lipid specificity of insoluble protein transmembrane domains
R Ziblat, JC Weaver, LR Arriaga, S Chong, DA Weitz
Lab on a Chip 
18 (23), 3561-3569 2018

A biologically inspired, functionally graded end effector for soft robotics applications
K Kumar, J Liu, C Christianson, M Ali, MT Tolley, J Aizenberg, DE Ingber, JC Weaver, K Bertoldi
Soft Robotics 
4 (4), 317-323 2017

Materials science and architecture
M Bechthold, JC Weaver
Nature Reviews Materials
2 (12), 17082 2017

Impact-related microspherules in Late Pleistocene Alaskan and Yukon “muck” deposits signify recurrent episodes of catastrophic emplacement
JT Hagstrum, RB Firestone, A West, JC Weaver, TE Bunch
Scientific Reports 
7 (1), 16620 2017

Imaging biological surface topography in situ and in vivo
DK Wainwright, GV Lauder, JC Weaver
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 
8 (11), 1626-1638 2017

Mechanical induction of dentin-like differentiation by adult mouse bone marrow stromal cells using compressive scaffolds
B Hashmi, T Mammoto, JC Weaver, T Ferrante, A Jiang, E Jiang, J Feliz, DE Ingber
Stem Cell Research 
24, 55-60 2017

A biorobotic adhesive disc for underwater hitchhiking inspired by the remora suckerfish
Y Wang, X Yang, Y Chen, DK Wainwright, CP Kenaley, Z Gong, Z Liu, H Liu, J Guan, T Wang, JC Weaver, RJ Wood, L Wen
Science Robotics 
2 (10), eaan8072 2017

Mechanical behavior of idealized, stingray-skeleton-inspired tiled composites as a function of geometry and material properties
AK Jayasankar, R Seidel, J Naumann, L Guiducci, A Hosny, P Fratzl, JC Weaver, JWC Dunlop, MN Dean
Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials 
73, 86-101 2017

Preventing mussel adhesion using lubricant-infused materials
S Amini, S Kolle, L Petrone, O Ahanotu, S Sunny, CN Sutanto, S Hoon, L Cohen, JC Weaver, J Aizenberg, N Vogel, A Miserez
357 (6352), 668-673 2017

Mature induced-pluripotent-stem-cell-derived human podocytes reconstitute kidney glomerular-capillary-wall function on a chip
S Musah, A Mammoto, TC Ferrante, SSF Jeanty, M Hirano-Kobayashi, T Mammoto, K Roberts, S Chung, R Novak, M Ingram, T Fatanat-Didar, S Koshy, JC Weaver, GM Church, DE Ingber
Nature Biomedical Engineering 
1 (5), 0069 2017

Ultrastructural, material and crystallographic description of endophytic masses–A possible damage response in shark and ray tessellated calcified cartilage
R Seidel, M Blumer, P Zaslansky, D Knötel, DR Huber, JC Weaver, P Fratzl, S Omelon, L Bertinetti, MN Dean
Journal of Structural Biology
198 (1), 5-1 2017
Uncovering nature's design strategies through parametric modeling, multi‐material 3D printing, and mechanical testing
S Frølich, JC Weaver, MN Dean, H Birkedal
Advanced Engineering Materials
19 (6), e201600848 2017
Rational design of reconfigurable prismatic architected materials
JTB Overvelde, JC Weaver, C Hoberman, K Bertoldi
541 (7637) 347-352 2017
Soft robotic sleeve supports heart function
ET Roche, MA Horvath, I Wamala, A Alazmani, SE Song, W Whyte, Z Machaidze, CJ Payne, JC Weaver, G Fishbein, J Kuebler, NV Vasilyev, DJ Mooney, FA Pigula, CJ Walsh
Science Translational Medicine 
9 (373) 2017	
Ultrastructural and developmental features of the tessellated endoskeleton of elasmobranchs (sharks and rays)
R Seidel, K Lyons, M Blumer, P Zaslansky, P Fratzl, JC Weaver, MN Dean
Journal of Anatomy 
229 (5), 681-702 2016
Engineering the mechanics of heterogeneous soft crystals
H Cho, JC Weaver, E Pöselt, MC Boyce, GC Rutledge
Advanced Functional Materials
26 (38), 6938-6949 2016
Foraminiferal proxy response to ocean temperature variability and acidification over the last 150 years in the Santa Barbara Basin (California)
DK Pak, IL Hendy, JC Weaver, A Schimmelmann, L Clayman
Quaternary International	 	
Tensile instability in a thick elastic body
JTB Overvelde, DMJ Dykstra, R de Rooij, JC Weaver, K Bertoldi
Physical Review Letters 
117 (9), 094301 2016

Harnessing buckling to design architected materials that exhibit effective negative swelling
J Liu, T Gu, S Shan, SH Kang, JC Weaver, K Bertoldi
Advanced Materials 
28 (31), 6619-6624 2016
Grown, printed, and biologically augmented: An additively manufactured microfluidic wearable, functionally templated for synthetic microbes
C Bader, WG Patrick, D Kolb, SG Hays, S Keating, S Sharma, D Dikovsky, B Belocon, JC Weaver, PA Silver, N Oxman
3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing 
3 (2), 79-89 2016
Data-driven material modeling with functional advection for 3D printing of materially heterogeneous objects
C Bader, D Kolb, JC Weaver, N Oxman
3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing
3 (2), 71-79 2016
A three-dimensional actuated origami-inspired transformable metamaterial with multiple degrees of freedom
JTB Overvelde, TA De Jong, Y Shevchenko, SA Becerra, GM Whitesides, JC Weaver, C Hoberman, K Bertoldi
Nature Communications 
7 29 2016
Hydrogels with tunable stress relaxation regulate stem cell fate and activity
O Chaudhuri, L Gu, D Klumpers, M Darnell, SA Bencherif, JC Weaver, N Huebsch, H-PLee, E Lippens, GN Duda, DJ Mooney
Nature Materials 
15 (3), 326-334 91 2016
Condensation on slippery asymmetric bumps
KC Park, P Kim, A Grinthal, N He, D Fox, JC Weaver, J Aizenberg
35 2016
Small airway-on-a-chip enables analysis of human lung inflammation and drug responses in vitro
KH Benam, R Villenave, C Lucchesi, A Varone, C Hubeau, HH Lee, SE Alves, M Salmon, TC Ferrante, JC Weaver, A Bahinski, GA Hamilton, DE Ingber
Nature Methods 
13 (2), 151-157 36 2016
Characterization of a mechanically tunable gyroid photonic crystal inspired by the butterfly Parides sesostris
C Pouya, JTB Overvelde, M Kolle, J Aizenberg, K Bertoldi, JC Weaver, P Vukusic
Advanced Optical Materials 
4 (1), 99-105 2016

CD44 alternative splicing in gastric cancer cells is regulated by culture dimensionality and matrix stiffness
CB da Cunha, DD Klumpers, ST Koshy, JC Weaver, O Chaudhuri, R Seruca, F Carneiro, PL Granja, DJ Mooney 
A three-dimensional actuated origami-inspired transformable metamaterial with multiple degrees of freedom
JTB Overvelde, TA de Jong, Y Shevchenko, SA Becerra, GM Whitesides, JC Weaver, C Hoberman, K Bertoldi
Nature Communications 
7 2016

Hydrodynamic function of biomimetic shark skin: effect of denticle pattern and spacing
L Wen, JC Weaver, PJM Thornycroft, GV Lauder
Bioinspiration & Biomimetics 
10 (6), 2015

Multi-scale thermal stability of a hard thermoplastic protein-based material
V Latza, PA Guerette, D Ding, S Amini, A Kumar, I Schmidt, S Keating, N Oxman, JC Weaver, P Fratzl, A Miserez, A Masic
Nature Communications 
6 2015
Glassin, a histidine-rich protein from the siliceous skeletal system of the marine sponge Euplectella, directs silica polycondensation
K Shimizu, T Amano, MR Bari, JC Weaver, J Arima, N Mori
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA
112 (37), 11449-11454 2015
Additive manufacturing of optically transparent glass
J Klein, M Stern, G Franchin, M Kayser, C Inamura, S Dave, JC Weaver, P Houk, P Colombo, M Yang, N Oxman
3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing 
2 (3), 92-105 2015
Osteocyte lacunar properties in rat cortical bone: Differences between lamellar and central bone
FL Bach-Gansmo, JC Weaver, MH Jensen, H Leemreize, KS Mader, M Stampanoni, A Brüel, JS Thomsen, H Birkedal
Journal of Structural Biology 
191 (1), 59-67 2015
Gains and losses of coral skeletal porosity changes with ocean acidification acclimation
P Fantazzini, S Mengoli, L Pasquini, V Bortolotti, L Brizi, M Mariani, M Di Giosia, S Fermani, B Capaccioni, E Caroselli, F Prada, F Zaccanti, O Levy, Z Dubinsky, JA Kaandorp, P Konglerd, JU Hammel, Y Dauphin, J-P Cuif, JC Weaver, KE Fabricius, W Wagermaier, P Fratzl, G Falini, S Goffredo
Nature Communications 
6 (2) 2015
A 3D-printed, functionally graded soft robot powered by combustion
NW Bartlett, MT Tolley, JTB Overvelde, JC Weaver, B Mosadegh, K Bertoldi, GM Whitesides, RJ Wood
349 (6244), 161-165 2015
The geometric design and fabrication of actuating cellular structures
L Guiducci, JC Weaver, YJM Bréchet, P Fratzl, JWC Dunlop
Advanced Materials Interfaces 
2 (11) 2015

Large area sub-micron chemical imaging of magnesium in sea urchin teeth
A Masic, JC Weaver
Journal of Structural Biology 
189 (3), 269-275 2015
New functional insights into the internal architecture of the laminated anchor spicules of Euplectella aspergillum
MA Monn, JC Weaver, T Zhang, J Aizenberg, H Kesari
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 
112 (16), 4976-4981 2015

Dimpled elastic sheets: a new class of non-porous negative Poisson’s ratio materials
F Javid, E Smith-Roberge, MC Innes, A Shanian, JC Weaver, K Bertoldi
Scientific Reports 
5 2015

A highly conspicuous mineralized composite photonic architecture in the translucent shell of the blue-rayed limpet
L Li, S Kolle, JC Weaver, C Ortiz, J Aizenberg, M Kolle
Nature Communications 
6 2015

Substrate stress relaxation regulates cell spreading
O Chaudhuri, L Gu, M Darnell, D Klumpers, SA Bencherif, JC Weaver, N Huebsch, DJ Mooney
Nature Communications 
6 2015

Hierarchical structural design for fracture resistance in the shell of the pteropod Clio pyramidata
L Li, JC Weaver, C Ortiz
Nature Communications 
6 2015

Built for tough conditions
Y Politi, JC Weaver
347 (6223), 712-713 2015

Biological materials and molecular biomimetics–filling up the empty soft materials space for tissue engineering applications
A Miserez, JC Weaver, O Chaudhuri
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 
3 (1), 13-24 2015

Large area sub-micron chemical imaging of magnesium in sea urchin teeth
A Masic, JC Weaver
Journal of Structural Biology	 	

Biphasic ferrogels for triggered drug and cell delivery
CA Cezar, SM Kennedy, M Mehta, JC Weaver, L Gu, H Vandenburgh, DJ Mooney
Advanced Healthcare Materials 
3 (11), 1869-1876 2014

Influence of the stiffness of three-dimensional alginate/collagen-I interpenetrating networks on fibroblast biology
CB da Cunha, DD Klumpers, WA Li, ST Koshy, JC Weaver, O Chaudhuri,  PL Granja, DJ Mooney
35 (32), 8927-8936 2014

Tunability and enhancement of mechanical behavior with additively manufactured bio-inspired hierarchical suture interfaces
E Lin, Y Li, JC Weaver, C Ortiz, MC Boyce
Journal of Materials Research 
29 (17), 1867-1875 2014

Multi-lineage MSC differentiation via engineered morphogen fields
PR Arany, GX Huang, O Gadish, J Feliz, JC Weaver, J Kim, WW Yuen, DJ Mooney
Journal of dental research

Self-replenishing vascularized fouling-release surfaces
C Howell, TL Vu, JJ Lin, S Kolle, N Juthani, E Watson, JC Weaver, J Alvarenga, J Aizenberg
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
6 (15), 13299-13307 2014

Harnessing buckling to design tunable locally resonant acoustic metamaterials
P Wang, F Casadei, S Shan, JC Weaver, K Bertoldi
Physical Review Letters
113 (1), 014301 2014

Nanoconfined β-sheets mechanically reinforce the supra-biomolecular network of robust squid sucker ring teeth
PA Guerette, S Hoon, D Ding, S Amini, A Masic, V Ravi, B Venkatesh, JC Weaver, A Miserez
ACS Nano 
8 (7), 7170-7179 2014

Bone marrow–on–a–chip replicates hematopoietic niche physiology in vitro
Y Torisawa, CS Spina, T Mammoto, A Mammoto, JC Weaver, T Tat, JJ Collins, DE Ingber
Nature Methods
11 (6), 663-669 2014

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