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Harvard Press Release
Seven million face shields and counting
August 13, 2020

How a Wyss Institute COVID-19 project led to regional, scalable PPE production
By Lindsay Brownell

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the globe in early 2020, a new three-letter acronym spread with it: PPE, short for personal protective equipment, which was suddenly both in high demand and short supply. Lockdowns to curb the virus’ infection rate disrupted the worldwide supply chains that moved products between designers, manufacturers, assemblers, distributors, and customers, revealing that the global consumer economy was like a house of cards – structurally impressive, but fragile.

Developed in collaboration with Boston-area physicians, the Dome Shield is a locally manufactured affordable anti-fogging, full-coverage face shield intended for use by medical, food-service, and factory workers to provide general, lightweight facial protection.

Important Notice: Our Dome Shields are now available free of charge to all Boston-area medical, educational, and research facilities and personnel.  Please e-mail us for more information or click here to request a free sample.

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